Entrepreneurship Development Cell


At the end of three years, the students will be equipped with a Certificate/Diploma/Advanced diploma in an add-on orientation course along with a conventional degree in Science/Arts/Commerce. The College is likely to offer a wide range of career-oriented subjects in various related areas. The courses offered will be of inter-disciplinary nature. There will be no watertight compartments and students should have the freedom to diversify into various fields not necessarily related with their core discipline.

Roles and Responsibilities

  • To assist all the aspirants with mentoring planning and execution of their start up idea into a real business.
  • To organize different activities and events from time to time to train and motivate the students on entrepreneurship
  • To create an opportunity to interact with entrepreneurs and experts from industry.
  • To celebrate Entrepreneur’s Day
  • To guide and assist perspective entrepreneurs obtaining project approvals loan facilities offered by government and other supporting agencies.
  • To conduct skill development training programmes leading to self employment.
Name of the Staff Position Designation

Dr.S. Suganthi

Dean of Arts



Asst. Prof.Commerce


Mrs. J. Nagapriya

Asst. Prof. Maths


Dr.A. Anitha

Asst.Prof. BBA